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About the Maryland Belles


The Philadelphia Belles, Inc. is the parent organization for the Maryland Belles. The Philadelphia Belles, Inc. is a non-profit incorporated company registered in the state of Pennsylvania since 1978. The company was established to provide an educational experience through sports participation. The Maryland Belles are an Amateur Athletic Girls Basketball Program rooted in the Greater Baltimore area.


Academic and athletic guidance are the main concepts of the program. Our academic goal is not only to assist in maintaining good academic standing and improving struggling academic standing but also to encourage youth to learn to retain and apply information. Basketball will be used as a means to show the importance of using these techniques.


Another goal of the program is to increase college and university awareness of Maryland’s student-athlete talent pool. Our program plays in front of hundreds of university/college coaches of all levels on the biggest stages in grassroots basketball. We use the latest technology to promote our players including our website, online videos, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


The Final and most important goal of the program is to grow and nurture the love for the game of Basketball. To make sure that everytime a player steps on the court that they enjoy their time out there.


Maryland Belles FAQs



Contact the head coach of the Maryland Belles team you would like to tryout for. He/She will let you know if you are able to tryout and the date(s). All players are encouraged to attend all date(s) given to ensure proper evaluation.


Playing Time

Playing time is based upon talent, commitment, game-time situations and other coaching decisions. Parents/Guardians must understand that playing time will not be equal regardless of the financial commitment towards traveling expenses.



It is extremely important for player(s) to commit to attending all practices. Maryland Belles believes that player development occurs in practice.



It is important for player(s) to demonstrate commitment to the team that they are a part of. When commitment lacks from one individual on a team, the entire team suffers, which is unfair.


Parent/Guardian and Fan Behavior

Maryland Belles believes that our highly qualified coaches create the great experience for your daughter. Maryland Belles therefore asks parents/guardians and all fans to abide by a series of beliefs listed below.


1. Let the coach do the coaching. Parents/guardians and fans are not to coach from the sidelines during the game.

2. Our development structure believes that each player should be gaining instructions from only the coaches throughout practice and games.

3. All parents/guardians and fans should respect their coach and display sportsmanship at all tournaments, scrimmages, and practices.

4. Parents/Guardians and fans should remember that Maryland Belles looks to create a positive learning environment for your daughter and that everyone involved in this process, including parents/guardians, fans and coaches need to be positive role models.